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Below you will find a few services we offer to customers both local and abroad. If you have any questions or would like the schedule one of our services please fill out the contact for at the bottom of the page.

We are a one stop shop when it comes to designing and purchasing the native plants for your design. We will design a garden based on your needs and wants, deliver the native plant bundle and assist, guide or install plants in your landscape. 

Permaculture Food Forest Design

Design is based on a much larger scale that can take several years to fully create. As food forests are dynamic systems attention needs to be taken through-out the entire process. Whether your looking for a design, a design and plant bundle or a full package which includes design, plant bundle and management plan. We are here to assist. 

On or Off Site Consultations

For on-site consultation, we come out and visit with farmers, gardeners and growers to assist with their needs. Whether it be on-site for garden or food forest planning and development to infrastructure and structural guidance.

- Off-site consultations typically happen over zoom where we can sit and chat about the desired information your wishing to know.


Off-site zoom consultations are $30.00 /hr

On-site consultations are $50/hr

* If on or off site consultations are to help in aiding in the design of your native plant landscape or food forest, discount rates will be applied

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