Qty: 10 shipped in an 8oz container. This is a mix of orange and blue pruinosus. Color variety with vary from culture to culture.


Pruinosus are another highly recommended isopod species for 'bioactive setups'. Thier soft exoskeleton makes them a great canidate for a forgaging food source. We recommend using them with large reptiles and amphibians in a Temperate to Tropical habitat. 


Pruinosus enjoy a herbacious diet and sporatic feedings of protiens.


We feed all our isopods and mixture of our Original and Leg Day isopod and springtail foods and also Repashy Bug Burger and Morning Wood.  


Make sure you keep pieces of cuttle bone in the tank with them so that they can suppliment extra calcium when needed.

10 Pruinosus Mix (Porcellionides pruinosus)